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Retailers have to be quick, accurate and highly flexible to flourish in their industry today. Just-in-time reflexes are essential to keep inventory levels low but effective to satisfy consumer desires and the seasonality of merchandise. That means you need supply chains that are faster, more transparent and adaptable to your business’ changing needs.

BERRIO logistics understands what retailers require in logistics solutions. We work collaboratively with our customers to create solutions tailored to their needs while bringing them increased value over time using our continuous improvement approach. Some of our customers have been with us for more than 20 years – a testament to relationships built on trust, high quality order control and speed.

Whether your retail business is based in consumer goods, electronics or consumer durable’s, we deliver a range of consistently high quality solutions, backed by outstanding implementation and inventory accuracy and control services. We specialize in logistical support at the local level and at every level with key performance indicators such as inventory and shipping accuracy, and order cycle time.

BERRIO logistics offers retailers seamless warehouse and transportation management and shortened delivery lead times to retail customers while reducing logistics costs.

Among our retail logistics solutions are:

Inbound Receiving. Complex, high-velocity handling services for B2B inbound suppliers and wholesalers into consolidation centers, including regional order fulfillment to retailers’ distribution networks in domestic and international locations.

Inventory Management / Order Fulfillment. Advanced solutions for ensuring you have the right inventory in the right location at the right time. We offer retailers receiving, stocking, picking, packing and shipping services for truckload/less-than-truckload orders headed to retail stores, direct fulfillment and e-commerce. We provide high-speed picking and conveyor systems handling thousands of outbound lines each day and also offer directed light- or voice-picking technologies.

State-of-the-Art Simulation Technology and Expertise. Based on your product profile, we use our proprietary simulation technology and historical data to optimize inventory productivity and fill rates.

Transportation Management.  We manage various movements for our customers: supplier dock pick-up to consolidation centers; truckload; LTL and inter modal activity. For first-leg and last-leg services, we provide multi-mode support and control for parcel, inter modal, ocean, air and over-the-road shipments to fulfill orders from the supply or demand side of your business.

Value-Added Logistical Project Work.  We re-label, re-box, kit and prep large order quantities based on customer specifications. We also provide quality checks and product inspections to prescribed specifications.