Aerospace & Defense


Asset and Life Cycle Management for Aerospace and Defense

Global supply chain requirements for aerospace and defense are changing rapidly. Advancements in material composites and materials engineering cause manufacturers to perpetually seek new suppliers and challenge the flexibility and creativity of their existing vendor base. This strain drives complexity throughout the supply chain from design to take-off. The demands on systems and technologies are increasing, and the requirements for global support and service are becoming inherently more challenging and important.

Only world-class supply chain specialists such as BERRIO logistics have the know-how, advanced systems and global infrastructure required to match the exacting demands of the aerospace and defense industry. Since downtime costs millions in lost business, the service life of every component has to be managed and accurately traced to ensure maximum safety and compliance.

BERRIO logistics is at the forefront by providing industry-leading solutions designed exclusively for the time-sensitive, service-critical requirements of the aerospace and defense industry.

We offer our customers a broad range of services to control cost and improve asset readiness:

Inventory Forecasting and Stocking Strategies. BERRIO logistics utilizes proprietary inventory simulation technologies enabling clients to develop inventory stocking strategies based on preventive maintenance programs, critical parts requirements, scheduling requirements and independent demand occurrences. Our clients then execute the strategy that best fits their material availability targets and inventory investment budget.

Replenishment and Deployment. Neovia’s proven expertise includes managing and operating global supply chains and multi-echelon material networks. Our aerospace and defense partners benefit from the visibility of inventories across their networks, tractability of any part within our system, rapid material fulfillment, reduced risk of downtime and cost effectively satisfying material demands.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics. Advanced analytics, such as service loss root cause and corrective action analyses, provide quick decision-making intelligence.

Network Design. Modelling tools use historical data and clients’ strategic inputs to plan the optimal material availability network. Recommended material stocking locations consider supplier lead times, material points of use, and risks of availability based on maintenance policies and scheduling procedures. Networks are designed in country, in region and/or globally.

Dynamic Warehousing. Neovia’s clients benefit from cost efficiency driven by dynamic slotting and activity-based location storage. BERRIO logistics uses actual material demand to control warehouse space requirements, drive labor efficiency (per foot traveled) and reduce warehouse costs.

Transportation. Neovia’s non-asset based transportation solutions enable our clients to use their own carrier base or take advantage of Neovia’s expansive conveyance network. Our global capabilities include segment and door-to-door delivery across all transportation modes (rail, truck, container, inter modal, ocean, etc.). Additionally, BERRIO logistics completes its transportation service offering by providing freight reconciliation, payment and audit practices.

Supplier Management. Through our service loss analysis tools, BERRIO logistics provides its clients with the evidence of their vendors’ performance. Actual lead-time performance and quality compliance are used to drive improvements in material availability, stocking strategies, vendor selection and investments in working capital. BERRIO logistics uses its proactive expediting techniques to ensure material availability with scheduling requirements.

Performance-Based Logistics. Our advanced analytical tools help our clients establish meaningful metrics and compare actual performance to contractual obligations. Our intelligent processes combined with our systems support effective performance and life cycle management.

Other Value-Added Services. Call on BERRIO logistics to provide proactive innovative solutions designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace and defense industry.