Energy Logistics


Energy Logistics

The energy sector is in the midst of dramatic change. Demand is on the rise, new sources for traditional energy are pressuring the supply chain, while technology is continually improving forms of newer energy generation. At the same time that energy companies are wrestling with these challenges, they also must comply with complicated regulations, safety concerns and issues regarding security, the environment and sustainability.

While you focus on your core business, BERRIO logistics can manage your supply chain with solutions that improve performance and operational effectiveness, manage risk and ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Having the materials you need on site when you need them is key for maintaining continuous operations. Transporting and managing finished products and spare parts, as well as keeping equipment, operations and processing plants running on time and on budget is critical.

BERRIO logistics understands asset utilization, critical spare parts, down time and turnaround. Supporting the energy sector is far more than offering transportation and warehousing. It revolves around inventory and asset utilization. Among BERRIO logistics solutions are:

  • Cash flow optimization
  • Inventory investment
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Our optimal supply chain solutions depart from what you typically find with 3PLs, and for good reason. Inventory can build up at a work site or plant. While it may feel better to have far more parts or supplies on hand than you need, they are costing you significant money. We regularly save our customers 10-40 percent on inventory investments with our suite of inventory management solutions.

Our integrated supply chain solutions can readily save energy companies 15-20 percent on total operational cost.

To ensure a smooth transition to BERRIO logistics solutions, we conduct a comprehensive value proposition assessment, using a proprietary methodology developed with our engineers. Analyzing data by inventory management group shows our customers how we will assume their inventory management and how much they will save. Using Six Sigma and Lean principles, and discipline of the berrio logistics Operating System, we move through a multi-step process to ensure successful start-up and stabilization. You enjoy continuous operations and are free to focus on your core competencies.

BERRIO logistics solutions for energy companies include:

Data Mining.  BERRIO logistics data mining and integrative reporting based on a maturity metrics model. We use our own benchmark data file, which allows us to assess assets against best-in-class. Think of this as a health check for your operation’s performance. Results reveal where solutions can take them even higher.

Inventory Control and Management. True inventory management impacts every element of the supply chain and its associated costs. Optimized inventory provides a competitive advantage and maximizes profitability. Neovia’s unique mix of strategy, best-in-class technology and our 25 years of experience delivering IM best practices sets us apart.

State-of-the-Art Simulation Technology and Expertise. Neovia’s proprietary simulation technology gives companies the luxury of selecting the customer service and inventory investment appropriate to their business goals while clarifying the associated costs of the total supply chain. With metrics known prior to execution, BERRIO logistics is in the unique position among 3PLs of providing guaranteed, contractual performance standards before implementation.

Forecasting and Inventory Planning. We manage by exception, relying upon our proven technology to provide visibility and planning for every part in a network. These services free up manpower to focus on value-add root cause corrective action and optimize overall inventory.

Replenishment and Deployment. BERRIO logistics excels at managing global, multi-echelon networks. Our expertise and tools help companies achieve the flexible and agile allocation of available material that is so critical to meeting variable supply and demand.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics. Advanced analytics,such as service loss analysis, provide a detailed view of a business and transparency of the real world situation.

Network Design and Management. Our network studies ascertain the best network configuration, including centralizing or decentralizing. End-to-end facility design encompasses concept to actual construction.

Dynamic Warehousing. BERRIO logistics excels at managing the warehouse environment. Grounded in our Caterpillar heritage, we believe that warehouses work only with daily continuous improvement to optimize processes, making them safer and continually more effective. The BERRIO logistics Production System assures they will be, rather than a place where inventory sits until it’s needed.

Transportation. We consider transportation as the complement to operations processes, optimizing inventory and then building transportation around it. We then seek the best transportation solutions for our customers. That means we will work with a wide range of providers around the world to move material. As a neutral player, we manage transportation based on the suppliers who will do it best for our customers.

Supplier Base Management. We support thorough evaluation, reporting and reviews of supplier performance to uncover costly inefficiencies and unrealized savings. Know if suppliers are actually performing to standards and where to target improvements and negotiate for better terms.

Parts Cataloging. Know exactly what is in both formal and informal inventory on busy job sites. We locate and count parts and create a master record so can companies can manage parts effectively.

Yard, Rental and Core Management. We conduct records accuracy counts to identify and inventory equipment, preserve it and ensure it’s ready when needed or returned to recoup valuable deposits when it isn’t.

Kitting. We’ll provide your plants and work sites with work order kits to move from warehouse to point of use. Processes will allow customer to make a work order and send out to point of use where mechanics can make repairs. No other 3PL offers this service.

Other value-added services. Call on BERRIO logistics to provide on-site security services and rental management for temporary equipment rentals.